A Few words About Us

Kamdhenu Smart Homes, a venture by Tanu Traders, established in 1995, is one of the leading suppliers for home improvement and construction products. We are located at the heart of India – Bichhiya, Madhya Pradesh. Often, while constructing or reconstructing homes or offices, the ideas and vision of a client include different objectives for which they run all over the market to get the supplies sorted. Our venture took birth with an idea, passion and vision to provide a one-stop destination to our clients for all their construction needs under the same roof, just like KAMDHENU.

With integrity to stay true to our services, We at Kamdhenu Smart Homes embark on our motive to deliver excellent supplies to our clients. We strive hard to fly high by providing all the facilities of perfect and smart home construction and building solutions at the convenience of getting all the supplies at the same store.

Our clients and their requirements are our top priority. We make sure that we provide complete customer satisfaction so that the bond between them and us gives a homely feeling to them. We make sure that we provide delivery assistance to our clients so that they have a hassle-free experience. We make sure that the quality of the products that we supply is world-class! It’s a value for money deal with us!

Our History

The Beginning

We started our journey back in 1995 with a staff of 50. Initially, we dealt with Cement, later we added TMT, and started exploring all the other products. Regardless of the size of our shop, workforce, and type of product that we supplied, our will to achieve our goals and explore new heights remained the priority.

The Journey

Since we supplied quality products at affordable prices that were reasonable for the market, we started receiving a higher audience. Our dream of providing all amenities under the same roof was slowly and steadily, roaring sounds of our success. As we started receiving more orders, we decided to expand our reach and include more products in our store.

How It’s Going

In 2017, We expanded our store to make it a megastore for all our client's requirements. We started dealing with almost all the amenities that are required for building a perfect smart home. Currently, We have some of the big shot clients that are with us for a long time due to our state-of-art products and services.

We Offer